What is it?

10000$ to 26250$ in 8 weeks for a demo account. An indicator to forecast the future of forex market accurately. EURUSD accurately 20-50 days in a row, and even more.


The developer, Dr. Bian, who always make something impossible to reality. In his PhD thesis, he created a totally orignal tracking algorithm and decrease tracking error from 17 meter to 0.15 meter. Now he uses his intelligence to minimize the forecasting error from traditional support&resistance lines to a level that even never can be imagined before. Market forecasting, another impossible to be true done by Dr. Bian.

  • People, Organizations, Countries
    • Past and future
    • Think the same, do the same
  • WHY market is said to be unpredictable?

The Algorithm

Large number of traders(strategies) about 1 billion. In 1000 days, forecasted future. If they missed once, they will be terminated. After 1000 days, only 3 of them remained to tell the future:

  • Red cowboy: Gambler, largest trade
  • Blue fund manager:maximum balance, richest

  • Yellow mathematician: best fit.

Because of heavy computation, a high spec PC will need 15 minutes to finish the computation. And a lental server is used to compute the result and make the web service available. By all always choosing best from 1 billion strategies, these 3 are believed to win in the future.

Used strategies:

Future Indicator-en.006

Method of selection.

Future Indicator-en.007

Black:dark knight、to vanish the majority. He is not a past winner, he watches only others’ positions and makes stop hunt.The other 3 computed every day, black is computed every 5 minutes Black could change its direction suddenly.

Dark knight pattern

Future Indicator-en.009

When majority consider the market will go up, the majority will hold large LONG positions. And every one will use a stoploss under his position. Thereby, dark knight will consider differently and take an action to hunt those stop losses. And therefore dark knight will always think different from the majority.

Future Indicator-en.010

After the stop hunt, will the market go back to the majority’s direction? In rational case, the majority will close their positions quickly and there will be almost no LONG positions. Therefore, no more food for dark knight and dark knight will follow the past majority’s direction and the market will suddenly rally up.

Future Indicator-en.011

When the majority do not stop to buy and cannot close their LONG positions, dark knight will be hungry and violent to take some prays from far away. Therefore even if the previous stoploss region is reached, dark knight won’t stop, a sudden dip will happen.

Future Indicator-en.012

Considering these two possibilities, we can make our buy zone and sell zone as above.

Basic strategy

Future Indicator-en.013

Future Indicator-en.014 Future Indicator-en.015 Future Indicator-en.016 Future Indicator-en.017 Future Indicator-en.018 Future Indicator-en.019 Future Indicator-en.020 Future Indicator-en.021

Dark knight strategy

Future Indicator-en.022 Future Indicator-en.023 Future Indicator-en.024 Future Indicator-en.025 Future Indicator-en.026 Future Indicator-en.027 Future Indicator-en.028 Future Indicator-en.029 Future Indicator-en.030

Signal Quality

Future Indicator-en.031 Future Indicator-en.032 Future Indicator-en.033 Future Indicator-en.034

Manual Backtest

Future Indicator-en.035Future Indicator-en.036 Future Indicator-en.037 Future Indicator-en.038 Future Indicator-en.039 Future Indicator-en.040 Future Indicator-en.041

Future Indicator-en.042


Future Indicator-en.043 Future Indicator-en.044 Future Indicator-en.045 Future Indicator-en.046



How to buy it?



Foreign exchange 12 pairs supported. US shares(BA, MSFT, INTC), indicatives(DJIA, Nasdaq, SP500) are also supported now.

  • D1 chart: 40$/month/pair;
  • H1 chart: 100$/month/pair;

Honesty is an expensive gift, never expect it from cheap people. I will be honestly providing the best future forecast. I will not be cheap! I must be a monthly, yearly and life winners! I believe.

US stock shares and indicatives:

  • D1 chart: 40$/month/stock;

Supported stocks&indicatives:

  • #BA: Boeing Airlines
  • #INTC: Intel
  • #MSFT: Microsoft
  • #HPQ: HP
  • #BAC: Bank of America
  • #AAPLE: Apple
  • #QQQ: PowerShares QQQ Trust
  • #AMZN: Amazon
  • #IP: International Paper Company
  • _DJI: Dow Jones Industry Indicative
  • _SP500: S&P 500
  • _NQ100: Nasdaq 100


Future Indicator is subject to provide forex/metal market forecast and there is no assurance or guarantee that the forecast will be accurate. Past performance of the Future Indicator is not indicative of the future performance.

The developer is not responsible or liable for any loss resulting from the operation after using the Future Indicator.

The Future Indicator’s performance may be affected by changes in the market conditions, interest rates, trading volumes, settlement periods and transfer procedures.

Version Logs:

  • Ver 1.01 bug fix
  • Ver 1.02 Evil bar implemented.
  • Ver 1.03 Arrows added to the Future Bars.
  • Ver 1.05 Arrows added to the Evil bars.
  • Ver 1.06 Evil bar direction bug fix.
  • Ver 1.07 Arrow position bug fix in H1 chart.
  • Ver 1.08 Evil bar consider more factors
  • Ver 1.09 Message function added to Evil bar.
  • Ver 1.10 Message function added to Normal bar. Security observer function added to Evil bar.
  • Ver 1.11 H1&H1e smaller target pips.
  • Ver 1.12 Indices, Stock support.
  • Ver 1.13 Computation performance up. Redhead cowboy accuracy up.
  • Ver 1.15 Add more stocks.
  • Ver 1.16 Add more stocks.
  • Ver 1.17 Add more stocks.
  • Ver 1.18 Computation method updated for stocks.
  • Ver 1.19 Buy zone and sell zone added.
  • Ver 1.20 Japanese support