Automatic Trading

Live account result 1

2013.04.02-2013.04.20, From 868$ to 1872$(the balance curve is real, but number of deposit is wrong because I have made a withdraw on Apr 21.)

屏幕快照 2013-04-21 上午1.32.50

Live account result 2

This account only ran for two days. from 5225$ to 6864$.

屏幕快照 2013-04-21 上午1.45.55

Backtest results

2013.3.20-2013.4.19, From 10000$ to 18809$.


2013.1.21-4.19, 10000$ to 32240$.3month

2012.4.20-2013.4.19, From 10000$ to 95611$.1year

1 year with composite lot management: From 10000$ to 4,390,000$.

1-year-compositeI will make several PAMM accounts in future several weeks. Then you can invest in the PAMM accounts. And I will update the PAMM accounts info in this page. Please wait.